Automated Upgrades

I have been meaning to post about this subject for quite some time as this feature has been available for for a long time but not always used. This feature has been enhanced quite recently so now is a great time to describe the feature in more detail. X2/Framework upgrades are very simple for users whether performed manually or automatically.

Regular upgrades to Aware is important to get the latest features, security enhancements, functional enhancements and corrections.

Hosted X2/Framework

For those of you use X2/Framework hosted then you are privileged in that you don’t need to worry about upgrades at all. Arcad will take care of all the hard work on testing, scheduling and performing upgrades for you. Also with Aware hosted you will get upgrades on a frequent basis with potentially multiple upgrades happening each week. In most cases these upgrades are performed with little or no downtime, where downtime does occur it is scheduled after normal business hours to reduce any interruptions.

X2/Framework In-Premises

For many larger organisations an in-premises installation may become attractive. This is mainly done for integration with in house business systems and software. For very remote locations with low quality communications then in premises may be a preferred option. For those companies deciding to install Aware in premises the Aware software makes upgrades as easy as possible.

When running in-premises we recommend using automated updates where possible to keep your software up to date.

Automatic Upgrades

Aware fully supports automated upgrades for in-premises installations. By default the Aware software will upgrade itself every 14 days with the latest release of the software. This frees you from having to constantly upgrade the software. A scheduled task allows you to control the exact interval, how often an upgrade will occur and at what time.


System Update scheduled every 14 days

If you wish to run an update early (you might be waiting for an urgent fix or enhancement) then the upgrade can be installed immediately by clicking the Run Now button.

Optionally you may choose to only download an upgrade rather than installing it, this can be set in the task parameters of the scheduled task:


System Update set to download only

Manual Upgrades

Many organisations require complete control of the upgrade process and importantly control for themselves exactly which upgrade to perform and when to perform it. For those organisations the Admin application allow upgrades via the “System Update” function.


System update allowing 1.7.4 to be downloaded & installed.

To ensure upgrades are to be run manually ensure that you pause the automated upgrade scheduled task.



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