Release 2508

New Features
Serial Tracking as point of sale
Serial numbers can now be entered at the point of Sale rather than the receiving point. This allows for either full serial tracking throughout the supply chain process or just from the sales point where serial numbers might only be capture for warranty purposes.
Industry recording for CRM
Leads, contacts and customers can now have Sector/Industry information record against them. Industry functionality have bee designed to allow for input according to Industry Classification standards such as:

ISIC International Standard Industrial Classification
NAICS North American Industry Classification System
NACE Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community
ANZSIC Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
ICB Industry Classification Benchmar
GICS Global Industry Classification Standard
UKSIC United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities
TRBC Thomson Reuters Business Classification
SNI Swedish Standard Industrial Classification
But any locally established standard can be used.
Interface to freight consignment tracking systems

Sales order enquiries now allow ingratiation with 3rd party consignment tracking system such as Australia Post, Toll, TIG Freight, StarTrack and others. This allows the users to see estimated delivery dates as provided by the freight carrier.

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