Release 2727

New Features

New Sales Orders Invoice Report

The new Sales Orders Invoice Report shows the relationship between sales orders, dispatch information and the resultant invoice.

Improvements List

  • [XF-2668] – Equipment Sync from external sources
  • [XF-2848] – Web Links and Apps
  • [XF-3074] – Interactive Context Help
  • [XF-3149] – Option to allow Line Item Discounts
  • [XF-3155] – List based menus
  • [XF-3170] – Add a Container Optimiser Preview
  • [XF-3174] – Add an Equipment Fitment Tab
  • [XF-3188] – Add Job Card Summary Field to the tile on the Job Card Scheduler View
  • [XF-3189] – Create Account Balance API for migrating account balances from external systems
  • [XF-3192] – Add new Sales Orders Invoiced report
  • [XF-3196] – Create Activities for maintained User Positions & Departments
  • [XF-3201] – Rearrange Inventory Tree columns in Inventory Summary page
  • [XF-3205] – Implement Colour UI Widget
  • [XF-3211] – Change default of campaign confirmation dialogue to no
  • [XF-3212] – DOL Order line availability should take into account rejected lines

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