Release 2772

Improvements List

  • [XF-3166] – Add New Warranty Registration Activity
  • [XF-3179] – Add new Subscription Plan activity
  • [XF-3181] – European Translations
  • [XF-3197] – Create ability to link a User to 1 or more UserPositions
  • [XF-3202] – Add a Sales Invoice tab to Contact
  • [XF-3203] – Create Summary Product View tab
  • [XF-3204] – Add view popup for Customer, Contact & Equipment fields
  • [XF-3214] – Warning message on Sales Invoice email prompt when not submitted
  • [XF-3215] – Implement Meter reading recording on Equipment Transaction
  • [XF-3216] – Implement ability to record Meter Changes on Equipment
  • [XF-3217] – Add ability to set initial equipment meter
  • [XF-3218] – Add serial number and invoice date to Sales Order Invoiced Report
  • [XF-3222] – Inventory list now exlcudes restricted price lists.
  • [XF-3223] – Create new Portal Activity
  • [XF-3224] – Implement basic editing and runtime for Wiki Pages
  • [XF-3227] – DOL SP order to always update requested date on order type change
  • [XF-3228] – Add demo data generation for purchase of utilities
  • [XF-3229] – Add ability to purchase and sell serialised parts in builddata demo data generation
  • [XF-3230] – Sales Order Invoiced Report Changes
  • [XF-3232] – Add ability to create Equipment automatically for Equipment’s Products.
  • [XF-3235] – Improved rendering of Extended Aged Stock Report
  • [XF-3238] – Top 10 Product sold in Customer View now shows products for Customer only
  • [XF-3245] – Add new fields to Opportunities
  • [XF-3250] – Include meter action in Equipment page when run in Customer Portal

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