Aware 1.7.2 has been release today, this primarily adds new infrastructure for upcoming performance improvements, new lot tracking features and new contract tracking capability. There are still many new features ready for use now.

List/Browse Grid Improvements

Grids now feature a variety of improvements:

  • Export to Excel and PDF are now included directly in the Grid
  • The export now uses the filter, this allow for incredibly flexible export of data to Excel or PDF
  • A new context menu has been added to allow the user to refresh the Grid, hide the tool bar and other miscellaneous features
The Sales Invoice List page, illustrating filter, export to excel/pdf and the new context menu.

Automatic Upgrades

Aware has always had the ability to upgrade itself, but now the upgrade can be run automatically in the background at regular inervals. Stay tuned for another blog entry explaining how the automatic upgrade feature works.

Page Performance (Caching)

Further performance improvements have been made in this release. This time we have adding caching to all the static web resource, this is especially noticeable over low bandwith links.

Images and hosted servers have all been updated with the new performance measures.

For on-premises solution you must manually turn caching on the Aware Web virtual directories using your web server (Apache or IIS). Please contact your support service provider to enable this.

Session Time-out

A new timeout dialog displays if you are idle for an extended period of time, providing an option to get more time. The system also now monitors keybourd or mouse activity so that you will not be timed out if you are actively using the application.


A time-out due to inactivity.

Revised Dialogs

Most dialogs have been change new a new widget that is both visually appealing and more functional. The centres correctly and makes better use of space, it will automatically resize and reposition itself if the user changes the browser window size.


The new contact dialog.

The dialog has been implemented in various parts of the application such as contacts, help, sales invoice line detail, product dialog etc.

Sales Analysis Report

Addition of a new sales analysis report which displays Week to date, month to date and year to date  sales figures for units sold.


Other Miscellaneous Changes

  • Contact changes (UI improvements in preparationg for Contact tracking)
  • Move of Costing Method from Inventory to Product
  • Many internal changes for new Lot Tracking capability (coming soon)
  • Abiliy to edit sales invoice line in dialog

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