Release 2801

This release adds many miscellaneous features to Job Cards, Contacts & Equipment.

Improvements List

  • [XF-1558] – Work Bay should be generically renamed to “Job Resource”
  • [XF-2866] – Create a SAP OData Sync for Contacts
  • [XF-3172] – Create Warranty Registration Sync
  • [XF-3206] – Add a “Committed” Line in Account Balance table
  • [XF-3208] – Create new Dashboard activity
  • [XF-3237] – Implement new BI Export scheduled task
  • [XF-3239] – Change Stock take report to use correct Quantity Precision
  • [XF-3240] – Add new setting to disallow editing of Reverted invoices
  • [XF-3241] – Add Warehouse description to the distributed/consolidated inventory lookup
  • [XF-3247] – Enable automatic Mobile detection
  • [XF-3251] – Allow users to create reminders from Customer view page if authorised
  • [XF-3254] – Create ProductCharge table and UI.
  • [XF-3255] – Cannot edit an existing Contact when using Firefox
  • [XF-3256] – Correct Equipment errors on sales invoice form when running Tyre retail system
  • [XF-3257] – Change order of columns in inventory view tree grid
  • [XF-3258] – Change Job Scheduler view to show Registration Numbers
  • [XF-3262] – Add new Loan tables & CRUD UI
  • [XF-3263] – Enable Contact Category in the Contact Edit/View pages
  • [XF-3264] – Add new method “Standard, Actual cost” to sell at cost option.
  • [XF-3266] – Equipment Location should be label per the suite
  • [XF-3270] – Product summary page to clearly show price inc or ex of tax
  • [XF-3271] – Add new Sales Invoice Format 104
  • [XF-3273] – Loan program sync
  • [XF-3277] – Add submitted date filter to Warranty Claim list


  • [XF-3275] – Post codes not shown on customer statement address label.
  • [XF-3278] – When editing in the sales order, order line value exc & inc the system is not saving change

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