Release 1929 now available

The first X2/Framework release of 2015 is full of new improvements.

Ability to set reminders

A new reminder system allows reminders to be created for any reason. This could be registration checks, customer credit follow up, final payment reminders etc. Different reminder types may be setup for each purpose. Job cards, sales orders & sales invoices allow quick creation of a reminder directly from within the document.

Reminders will be the foundation for many reminder related features. Stay tuned for further improvements to reminders in later releases.

Updating customer email addresses

When emailing documents from sales orders, sales invoices, job cards and purchase orders the email dialog now provides an options to save the email address (only if the user has access to maintain customers or suppliers). This allows for quick update of the customer or suppliers email details.

Ability to drill down from the popup in inventory enquiry to the document

From the inventory enquiry you can now drill down from the warehouse quantities to the the list of documents that make up that quantity and then to the document itself.

Add ability to email customer credit check results

The Customer Credit Check scheduled task now allow the results of the credit check to be emailed. This l

Add ‘our reference’ and ‘full description’ to purchase invoice preview/print output

Purchase invoice fields Our Reference and Full Description are now printed on the Delivery Receipt.

Entering a warehouse on supplier void payments & customer void receipts

Warehouse can now be entered on void receipts & void payments. This assist reporting when banking and reconciliation is performed separately at each location.

Ability to delete Inventory records

In previous versions you could run Inventory levels to 0 but you could never delete the Inventory item, this cause the item to continue to be shown in “All” Inventory enquiries, stock takes etc. This release add the ability to delete the Inventory details provide there is 0 quantity on hand or in transit.

Wholesale Sales Report allows reporting of any year and ability to group models/products

The wholesales sales report has been enhanced in aspects:

  • Ability to run the report for any year.
  • Ability to group by models or products
  • When comparing 2 years all data is displayed that exists for either year (even if there is no data in 1 particular year), these allows for accurate comparison.

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