Release 2481

New Features

CRM feature additions

Various CRM fields have been added to Contact including lead source, sales lifecycle stage, lead status & marketing opt-out. This is the beginning phase of a much large round of CRM improvements to X2.

HTML Emails
Many X2 emails have been converted to HTML format including user invites, password resets & device registration emails.

Device & Geo IP Identification
X2 will now allow the identification and registration of users new devices as they log in. The location and type of device is included in emails and is useful to assist detecting fraudulent sign-ins. This is an opt in service for in premises solutions, it will be enabled in the cloud service shortly.

Sales Quotation
The new sales quotation activity allows creation of sales quotations for products and services. Future release will add new quotation specific enhancements.
Any clients that have used Sales orders to create quotes should close all open quotes and re-raise them using the new Sales Quotation activity.

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